The Five Most Common Landscaping Challenges

Over the years we have noticed these common landscaping problems:

Problem: The front entry is hard to find and/or not welcoming.


  • If the main entry door is on the front of the house but it is hidden by plants or structures; often the best solution is to remove those items that can be removed, such as overgrown shrubbery. Then do something with plants, pathways or structures (such as an arbor) to play up and or frame the main entry so that it is more obvious.
  • If, on the other hand, the real entry is around the side of the house and everyone comes to the wrong door, be it the back door, garage door or kitchen door, think of ways to downplay those doors and guide people around to the main entry door with an inviting path, or colorful plants.

Problem: The entertaining area is too small.


  • Consider how many people you’ll be entertaining in the area. This will help to decide how big a space that you will need.
  • Will you be cooking there? You’ll need to allow room for a fireplace, BBQ, fire bowl, outdoor kitchen materials, etc.  This will also help to determine the proper size.
  • Consider circulation from the kitchen to the entertaining space.  It is best to have them at the same elevation with no steps or stairs in between and as short a distance as possible between the two. Consider two openings between the house and the entertaining space for parties and bigger groups to make it easier for them to get in and out.
  • Consider the type of material for the surface of the space. If the door to the kitchen is up a few steps, then a good option would be an artificial or natural wood deck. An alternative would be metal supports with concrete paver surfaces.  If the kitchen door is level to the ground, then always go with a solid surface such as concrete, pavers or flagstone.

Problem: Trees or large plants are located too close to the house.

Solution: Often the best way to deal with this is to cut the tree or shrub down and grind the stump.  If it is too close to the house then the use of molasses or poison should work to kill the stump.  Avoid using poison if you can so that new smaller plants can be planted in the area.

Problem: The maintenance level of the landscape is too high for the client’s lifestyle.

Solution: This takes a whole reworking of the planting plan and often the use of more hardscapes (retaining walls, paths, patios), which of course require less maintenance than living things.

Problem: The drainage and grading were never properly addressed by the builder and/or previous owners and water drains toward the house and vents.

Solution: This can be a very large project if the soil needs to be regraded, because there are often plants and structures in the way.

Once this is addressed, the moisture out of place can then be redirected with drains to dry wells and French drains, along with intentional grading and raised structures.

If you’re facing any of these problems, Winterbloom can help. Give us a call or send us an email. We have solutions for your landscaping problems.