We will schedule a personal visit with you to look over your yard and discuss how you want to use it. Will you be doing outdoor entertaining? Do you need to accommodate children and pets?

Then we’ll prepare a proposal for construction and installation, based upon sound construction techniques and your needs — large or small. This may be offered as a firm bid, a maximum/minimum cost range or time and materials.

Whether or not we do the initial design, Winterbloom experts will apply proven installation techniques specific to your landscape. We purposely avoid an assembly line approach as we craft a retreat built to serve you.

To make the experience comfortable for you, we let you know what to expect and keep you up-to- date during the project. Our approach is “anything for the client.”

Winterbloom selects and installs plants to ensure the health of your landscape. We even provide a growing season guarantee on the plants we provide. And we remain nursery-independent, so we have no motive to use up over-stocked plants.

Of course, Winterbloom always remains available to answer your horticultural questions, and we manage all work in an environmentally friendly manner.